Garden Plants



 Spring Plant Fundraising Coupon Sale                                                        *Contact Barbott's February 1st to communicate your interest & get on our email list for pricing and information. 
  *Plan to have your sale concluded and coupons                                handed out by May 1st.  

A few frequently asked questions...
                                                                                                                                       Plants Available by Coupon:  Questions your buyers may ask.  

4" Coupon:  Vegetable, Geranium, Vine, Spike, Fern, Perennial, Herb
4.5" Coupon:  Flower, Proven Winner, Specialty Annual
10" Hanging  Basket:  Foliage & Flowering
48 Plant Bedding Flat:  Vegetables and/or Flowers.  Flat =12 packs of 4 plants. 
*one coupon required per pot or basket or flat

What Can I Sell                                                                                                         
 4" Pots Coupon 
 4.5" Pots Coupon 
 10" Hanging Baskets Coupon 
 48 Plant Bedding Flats Coupon                                                                                                                         *one coupon is valid for one pot, one basket, one bedding flat

When Can I Sell   
Contact Barbotts:  Early February                                                                                                    Begin Your Sale:  End February
End Your Sale:  Mid April                                                                                                                    *Coupons should be delivered to your customers by May 1st                                                      **Coupons are professionally printed, build in 7-10 days for printing purposes into your schedule. 

What Is My Profit                                                                                                               Your group or organization will determine your end selling price. 
We will sell you the coupons at a discounted rate.
We will provide previous years retail pricing, current year doesn't get set until  mid April.

What do I need to do
Register your sale with Barbotts on February 1st. 
Provide your name, phone number & email, as you are my direct contact.  
Obtain discounted pricing, set your sale prices
Set Dates- **remember to build 7-10 days for printing coupons
Create your spreadsheet
Sale must meet a minimum purchase of $400 to stay elgible for future sales.

How do I place my order
Email your master order to, 7 days a week.
We will invoice your order, send to your treasurer to prepare cash or check payment. 
We will send your order to the printer immediately. **Allow 7-10 days. 
We will contact you when coupons are printed.
We will meet at the farm at your convenience, coupons must be counted at time of payment.

Details I should know
Coupons do not hold a cash value towards a different purchase.
Coupons must be redeemed for the product  purchased from your sale.
Coupons cannot be upgraded or changed at Barbotts. 
Coupons are valid for redemption from May 1-June 1. 
Barbotts are not responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced certificates.  

We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!