Garden Plants

Spring Garden Certificate Flower Sale
*Our greenhouse opens for retail sales the last weekend of April.
 For your customers benefit, all certificates should be distributed by May 1st.
 Your customers then have until June 15th to redeem their certificates with Barbott's.

What Can I Sell

We offer 4 categories for you to sell.  You can choose 1 or all 4 categories.
Categories include:  4" Pots, 4.5" Pots, 10" Hanging Baskets, and 48 Plant Bedding Flats
Largest profit margin are in the baskets and flats.

When Can I Sell It

Each spring people are eager to begin gardening.  It would be in your customers best interest to have the sale completed by May 1st.  This gives the customer the largest quantity and quality to choose from.  This means a happy and possible returning customer for your organization next year.

What Is My Profit 

Barbott's will set certificate pricing each year in February.  We set the price that we will charge you, we do not set the price of what you will sell them for.   Some charge more, some charge less than our retail prices at thr greenhouse.   It is up to the organization to set selling prices of the categories.  However, our retail pricing usually doesn't get decided on until right before we open which is late April.

What Do I Use To Sell

You can print a sample  brochure from our website.  You can write in your Group name and the prices that you want to charge.  You can reprint these in bulk to aid in selling. 

We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!