2023- Fall sales begin after Labor Day weekend.                                                               

                             FALL SALES WILL MOVE BACK INTO RETAIL.

Mums in shades of Bronze, Red, Yellow, White and Pink

ARE CHRYSANTHEMUMS AN ANNUAL:  The state of Michigan, as well as the companies that breed the mums, deem them as disposable annuals.  The extensive breeding to offer more colors and flower textures weakens them to a zone 7 plant.  We can get away with zone 6 plants being a perennial  in Stevensville, but not zone 7.  

DENDRANTHEMUM PERENNIAL MUM:     We will be growing 200 gallon pots of perennial mums called Igloo mums in our perennial department  .  These are among the most hardy of perennial mums.  They will bloom in mid September the first year, and in August the following years.   Deadhead them to induce a 2nd bloom later in the fall.   

BEST TIME TO SHOP:  Depending on the summer weather, buds on the mums will begin to swell mid to end of August. As soon as plants show color in a single bud, we will bring them into the greenhouse for sale. You will get approximately 4 weeks of continuous color when it is hot, and up to 6-8 weeks of color in cool temperatures.  

WHEN WILL PLANTS BE IN PRIME BLOOM:  Most people scoop them up when the plants are just opening so they can enjoy them longer at their homes.   If you have a party and need plants that are in full bloom, plan ahead and buy them early.   We have 3 plantings of fall Chrysanthemums, and the varieties are not duplicated in each planting.  Plantings are split into early fall, mid fall & late fall bloomers. 

PUMPKINS, SQUASH & GOURDS OH MY!  We have many shapes and sizes of pumpkins and gourds for your fall decorating needs.   We have  painted pumpkins that have a little sas, we're sure will  bring a smile to your face.

FALL SQUASH:  Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Turbin, Sweet Potato, Spaghetti, Hubbards in Red, Green & Grey. .                                                                                             

STRAW:  Large & half bales.



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