Parent Information

We are thrilled to have your student visit our farm for a field trip!

We think we have a pretty special experience planned for each age group.

Here are a few bits of information to help you be informed...

If you are thinking of being a chaperone, please note that the trails are uneven paths through a corn field.  Back, knee or ankle issues that affect balance maybe a hinderance to your pleasure at the field trip.  If siblings come along, please note that you will also be responsible for other students as well as your own child.  The sibling will be charged as well.  

Once the classes arrive at Barbott's-we will greet the students, have a mini meeting with the parents and get them through a full Corn Maze 101 session if doing the large mazes.  We want to make sure everyone fully understands "how to" conquer the maze.  No question should be left unanswered...we are here to help you!

We are a working farm.  The corn maze is a real field of corn that will be harvested in a few short weeks.  The trails are simply mowed down paths in a corn field.    If it rains the fields will be wet and soggy.  Hiking boots or rain boots might be a good idea to keep little feet dry.  (Big feet too).  Some parents come from work in heals and nice dress clothes...just want to make you fully aware the atmosphere you are coming to.

Our corn maze and Pumpkville activity are not protected from weather elements.  Please dress your child could be winter coat, hat, gloves or shorts and t-shirt weather.  As you know it can change on a daily basis!

If your school has scheduled a lengthly field trip...please note that we do not have drinking fountains on the farm.   Please pack plenty of water for your childs consumption.   Concession stand can be opened only at the teachers request, at time of reservation.

Upon your return home, if you find your child has left something behind....please check with their teachers first.  The teachers do a great job at taking a look around for items left behind.  They often grab up things laying around....if no luck, be sure to give us a call! 

We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!