5th Grade & Older

Barbott’s Ultimate Corn Maze
6th Grade & Older

Cost:  $6.00 each Student,  Chaperones

Teacher should plan to pay, in one transaction, for all students and chaperones attending with his/her classroom.  

Time to complete this field trip:  2.5 Hours Minimum ( size and activites chosen may vary times)


Our hayride will be our transportation to and from the corn maze.  In the case of large groups, some find it quicker to walk.  
Students  must stay within their groups.

Large Corn Maze

There are 6 checkpoints in this maze.  These checkpoints are flagged on your map.  Utilize  the map to navitage to each checkpoint. Use your ticket/punchcard and the hole punch at each checkpoint to mark that you found it.

Small Corn Maze

Farm Scene Investigation - A game of clue.  Help us solve a mystery on the farm.  Farmer Joe is missing and we have to rule out  suspicious farm animals, farm tools and farm locations.  Each checkpoint will showcase the clue, use your map to navigate to the checkpoints. 


We have plenty of picnic areas to accommodate 72 bodies at tables.  If your group is larger we can pull up some straw bales or blankets as seats if need be.


The pedal cars are a hit with this age group.  We don’t want to spend a lot of time in this area as the bumping and crashing of cars in this age group gets troublesome.   Large groups can be split up so everyone is not in Pumpkinville is once.  We can flip flop your classes between the activities.  We will help you schedule .


Everyone will take a pie (softball size) pumpkin home.  The teacher can take one Jack O' Lantern pumpkin for the classroom. 


 We recommend 1 chaperone per 5 students.   Remind them that they will be walking in corn fields, so tennis shoes or hiking boots works best.  Chaperones will also be sets of eyes for helping students follow rules and helping facilitate organization with the pedal cars.   Chaperones are welcome to enjoy all the activities that the students do…just need them to chaperone too.  Please note that siblings will be charged admission if they are brought to the corn maze with the chaperone.  It is acceptable, just want to clarify admission will be charged.


All of our activities will be outdoors.   We will advise to help make an informed weather decision, we will not cancel your trip…the school has the final call.  We however cannot accommodate advanced rain date reservations.   Remember field can get muddy and slippery.  Please send students in appropriate apparel.


Please take extra care at trying to collect from chaperones that are attending with your class.  We would like to receive one payment from each class for our records.   A receipt will be supplied at time of payment.  Cash , Check, Credit Cards are acceptable forms of payment.   We do not bill Schools.
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