Barbott’s Ultimate Corn Maze
Preschool & Kindergarten

Here is a bit of information to help you organize the fieldtrip...

Please note the Maze is based on 26 letters of the Alphabet.  If your class is larger than 26 students, please advise Barbott's.  We are able to accomodate 3 & 4 rotations.  We are here to help you plan your trip out.

Field Trip Students, Chaperone: $6.00ea   Teacher Free (1 free admission per class)                                                                                                                                                                                                             Teacher collects and pays for all students and chaperone in his/her classroom

Ag Lesson Students:  $1.00ea,  optional by reservation only                                        Teacher Free (1 free admission per class)

Time to complete this field trip:  about 1.5 hours.  Size of group may vary time needed.  Please inquire.


Our hayride will be our transportation to and from the corn maze. 

ABC Maze

A little maze for our little hands and feet!   Letters of the alphabet are hidden  in our maze.  To complete our alphabet puzzle, we need the help of our students to find the letters for us!


 2017 Ag Lesson-Farm to Table

Hands on role play for students. 

We will use your students to be farmers, truck drivers, mixers, packagers, grocers and consumers to make this role play work.  We will use Cheerios, M&M's, peanuts, raisins, candy corn and pretzels to make a snack mix that the kids will take home.  We will make it in the lesson, and send it home with the teachers to pass out in class or to send home. 


New this year is our fort in a bin!   We have several activities in this area for students.   The pedal cars are fun too, a bit on the large size for this age group.  However, other classes have done the pedal cars successfully, with just a little bit of  steering and pushing nudges from their chaperones.   It is fun to see them accomplish the cars! They kids think they are big stuff! 


Everyone will get a pie (softball size) pumpkin to take home!  The teacher gets to choose a Jack O' Lantern pumpkin for the classroom.
Don't forget bags and sharpies for their pumpkins. 


 We Recommed 5 students per chaperone.  This is a good size for the corn maze and also the GORP lesson if it is chosen as an activity.  Just a reminder to chaperones and students that they will be walking in a corn field. Tennis shoes or hiking boots are a great choice.  Chaperones are welcome to enjoy the activities with the students...just keep your eyes peeled for students needing help.  Also please note for chaperones bringing siblings or grandma and grandpa, all will require an admission payed to the teacher.  Please plan in advance.


All of our activities will be outdoors.   Barbott's will advise to help teachers make informed weather decisions.  Barbott's will not cancel your trip…the school has the final call.  Unfortunately we do not schedule rain date reservations in addition to your field trip reservation.  We will  reschedule as the schedule/weather accomodates.   Remember field can get muddy and slippery.  Please send students in appropriate apparel.


Cash , check, credit card is acceptable forms of payments.  We do not bill the school.  Please remember to collect from your chaperones in advance of the trip.


We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!