Rules & Conduct

Family Fun on the Farm
is our First & Foremost Goal

Here's how you can help:  Please have fun on the farm, be respectful of our property and the others that have come to enjoy their family time together.  Please don't be the one to ruin someones visit. 

Rules are located at several areas of the farm.  They will be on your ticket.  They will be posted as you are waiting for Orientation.  They will be again be pointed out in Orientation.  So when we say we have zero warnings/tolerance it is because you have had 3 opportunities to view and listen to the rules, not including reading here!

We do not allow smoking on the farm, and do have a zero tolerance for foul language.   We will be very strict on foul language, more so on nights when we have families with young children attending.  Foul language is a spoken rule in Orientation only.

If you son or daughter is asked to sure to ask them why...I am sure they will say they have done nothing wrong, as this is always the story.  If you are a parent and are questioning anything...please don't hesitate to come and see us at Barbott's.  We will be happy to show you all the areas where rules are placed.  Family Fun on the Farm is our First & Foremost Goal.
We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!