Birthday Party
Here are a few things to know...

Need a picnic area or campfire?  Please call and check availability.


Please always let us know if you are planning on bringing a group to the corn maze.  This will help us have adequate staff and hayrides available at your desinated times.  
We will also be able to advise on weather conditions and keep the group leader informed.  Reservations  are required in order to reserve the campfire or picnic area.  These areas are available for a maximum of a 2 hour block.


You are welcome to schedule during normal business hours or birthday groups of 20 or more qualify for weeknight visits as well.  Weeknight parties, reservations are required!  Many people ask how much time to allow for parties.  It really depends on the activities you plan to enjoy.  Our best estimate is to allow about 1.5 to 2 hours for just gifts, cake, games and pumpkinville.  If you plan to add the corn maze into the party you could easily add another hour.  Remember Pumpkinville is only open Saturdays and Sundays 1-6.  Last ticket for Pumpkinville is sold at 5pm.


Birthday parties less than 25 people will follow general admission rates.
Birthday parties 25 people and more will qualify for group rate.  Group information applies.
*Please note all persons will be included in admissions regardless of the activities they choose to participate in.   Attendees coming for cake and ice cream only will still be charged admission rates. 

Party Time for Younger Children

We don't want to dictate how you run your party, however, we have a couple of different suggestions on how to run a successful party.  If you use the picnic area at the beginning of your reservation, you are able to open the gifts and return everything to a locked vehicle, then able to enjoy all the activites on the farm.   Barbott's are not able to watch over items in picnic/party areas.   The con to this is that the party attendees are usually in the corn maze or pumpkinville and the parents want to collect their children from the party.  This becomes a problem for our ticket counters.   Please advise on your invitation that the children will be returned to them at the parking area at the close of your party.  

If you choose to use the picnic area at the end of your party, someone will need to leave the activities to set the party up.  The bad thing is that gifts will not be watched over during the time you are enjoying the farm activities.  The good thing is that the attendees will be confined to one area to close down the party for parent pickups.

We always have a picnic table at the enterance of the ticket counter.  The most successful parties have a parent/helper meeting children at that picnic table for drop offs and pickups. 

Party for Teens/Adults
Older kids love to come towards the end of the evening.  Something about the darkness!  Please be aware that parents that need to pick non-driving age kids should be advised that pickup time is at 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Food & Drink

Food and beverage is only allowed when a picnic area timeframe has been reserved.  Groups have had pizza delivered, brought  crockpots of sloppy joes and pulled pork.  The only thing Barbott's supply is the space and picnic tables.


The activities available depend on the time and day that you reserve your party.  The most activities for your money are available to you on Saturday and Sundays 1pm-6pm.

We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!