Corn Maze School Field Trips 2019


Field Trips...25 people minimum to reserve

To reserve:

Teacher & Parent Information~Please Read

Field Trips: 
We define field trips as a traditional school day 8am-3pm                                                                     School functions after  8am-3pm see "Corn Maze Group Reservation page"

Cost:   $6.00 per student, per chaperone, per siblings
              $1.00 per student~Ag lesson, optional.   Kinder-5th grade only
              Chaperons choosing to stay only a small portion of field trip is still required admission. 
              Siblings are not advised, we need your eyes and hands on the students. 

Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Hayride, Pumpkinville
Optional:  Lunch, ag lesson, snack time.

Estimated time investment:
Subject to change pending class sizes. I will create a specific time line for each reservation.
More students you have, more time needed to rotate through the activities, especially working  in the Agriculture lesson and lunch if elected.  
                            Preschool with bring your own snack time:  2 hours
                            Kindergarten with ag lesson:  2 hours
                            1st grades and older:  3-4 hours

Notes to Chaperons for Preschool & Kinder classes
Hunting for letters of the alphabet, and finding treasures in the maze.  
We want the child to be in charge of searching out the treasures.  Often we find that parents want to play too, but save the treasures for the kiddos. There is no map reading skill required for this age group.You will need to help them with letters and putting treasures in a zip loc bag that we provide.  We will need assistance in writing their names on their bags.    You will  need to be able to walk on uneven ground, help push pedal karts if the kids are having difficulty reaching the pedals.  Help them in and out of bounce house.  Help them in the hamster wheels. The field trip is a fun, hands on  outdoor activity. Rain mud boots if it has rained one or two days before your event or rain expected day of event.  It also can rain during the event. The teacher, Barbott's and the chaperons will all work together to march on and show the kids a good time.  We can show the kids that a good helpful attitude can power through anything!

Notes to Chaperons for 1st graders & older
Your adventure is in the large mazes.  Map reading is a plus. The classes will be broken up into small groups to navigate the maze. Be able to walk a distance of a mile.  Be able to walk on uneven paths.  Helping eyes to promote respect and good behavior among the students, this just isn't up to the teacher.  
Help with eyes on the pedal bikes, so we are not playing bumper cars.  The field trip uses a lot of energy, and kids will be thirsty, please pack extra water in their lunches.  In case of inclement weather, and the teachers decide they are coming rain or shine; the teacher, Barbott's and the chaperons will all work together to march on and show the kids a good time.  Please dress accordingly.    We can show the kids that a good helpful attitude can power through anything!  

Cancellations/Environment Due to weather
School and Teachers make the decision to cancel the field trip. We will advise you of field conditions as your trip nears. If you decide to come in inclement weather conditions, full payment is required for all in attendance.  Once you agree to come...we are here for you rain or shine.    In case of high winds and rain during the event, the bounce house will not be operable.  Field trip is all outside.  We have shelter from rain, but no activities to occupy your students indoors.  Corn maze is in a farm field.   Paths are not paved with gravel, mulch or sand.  If it  has rained  before the field trip, the fields still may be wet, slightly muddy.  Sandals, flip flops, new shoes, heels of any type are not good foot attire.  Dress in layers.  Send all children with coats. They will be outside, and can take them off if they are to warm.  

We Are Always Here, And Always Growing!