Corn Maze Games

Welcome to Barbott's

*Make sure you have checked hours of operation and printed a coupon for each of your family members before you arrive!

1)Find a place to park
2)Come to greenhouse to purchase tickets/acknowledgment or rules
    *Smoking, including vapor, at your vehicle only.                                     *No alcohol is permitted.                                                                            *Stay on trails, if you are in a hurry to get out of the maze, find the yellow safety tape and follow it out.  The yellow tape will be lining the very outer most trail in each of the mazes.    Please note, the tire tracks seen in the maze are not trails, they are tire marks from watering the corn.  Do not use them as trails.                                       *Remember we have families with small children, please respect them by using family friendly language.
*Please do not pick or throw the corn.  It will hurt someone incredibily bad if thrown across to another trail and someone happens to get hit.   

3)Follow signs out to either Pumpkinville (Saturday & Sunday 1-6) or follow signs out to corn maze. 

       *Pumpkinville Tips...
Binfort: Watch their heads and backs so that don't bump them as they enter and exit the Binfort.
 Bounce house: Watch your children so they do not get close to the entrance and exit.  The netting is not tight at the front.  
Pedal Cars:  No bumping or gringing.  Parents feel free to push your child is the pedal concept isn't quite there yet.  If child is small enough, feel free to put them on your lap.
 Hayride departs at 2,3,4,5.
Pumpkins are an extra cost.  The concession stand is located by the hayride, if it is open, please pay there.  If it is not open, please pay at the ticket counter!  Thanks and  Have fun!

Here is a quick explanation of each of the games that are in the corn mazes...

Farm Scene Investigation                                          Farmer Joe is missing.  There was an accident, and it appears to be foul play.  There are seven farm animals, seven farm tools and seven locations showcased on your ticket.  Your job as the detective is to visit each of the 6  checkpoints  in the Farm Scene Investigtion Maze. At each checkpoint you will eliminate an animal, tool and location just by simply looking at the farm picture displayed on the checkpoint.  At the end of the maze you will have solved the mystery by process of elimination. 

Treasure Hunt
Farmer Joe's animals have been burying treasures!  Visit each of the 6 checkpoints in the Treasure Hunt Maze.  At each checkpoint you will look at at the  farm picture,  the treasures will be labeled A, B and C.   On the front of your ticket, it tells you which animal is playing the game with you.  On the back of your ticket see if there are clues that relate to your picture.  Sometimes, not always your character will either help or hinder your decision.  Pick which treasure you like the most on the picture, then insert your ticket below, scratch off only the treasure spot (A, B, C) that you chose.  You only get to scratch 1 time at each checkpoint.  Once you have completed all 6 checkpoints count up your points.  If one of the scratches reveals a hammer, you are in a get to scratch again next to the hammer on your ticket.  You only get to scratch once (even if you got two hammers).  We are keeping the highest score tally at the concession stand!  Let us know if you are high points!

Farm Scene Tracks-Animal Tracks
Perfect for Preschool & Kindergarteners
Farmer Joe's favorite dessert is apple pie.  After doing his chores, farmer Joe discovered his pie had been eaten!  Every last crumb!   He saw 6 farm animals run into the corn maze and he wants you to look for their tracks.  There are 6 checkpoints and one animal track at each checkpoint.   Take your ticket and lay it over the animal track and use the coloring crayon to transfer the animal track to your paper.  Look at the checkpoint and make sure you are using the correct box.  Once you are finished, return to the beginning of the maze and match the farm animal tracks to the banner!  You will soon know whose bellies are full of apple pie. 

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